Welcome to the Heliosphere

Heliosphere is an initiative working on identifying the needs of the public towards the future of Social Media, supported by ADAPT Research Center in Trinity College Dublin, and inspired by HELIOS EU-Funded Project working on redefining the social networks of tomorrow

Why Join the Debate?

Social Media is a young aspiring technology that concerns us all, irrelevant of your background, profession or heritage. For Social Media to mature it is essential to include all stakeholders in the design process. The Heliosphere provides a space for you to communicate what you think is relevant for a more meaningful Social Media future.

1-on-1 Conversations

Thought-Leader Debate

Citizen Think-in

A conversation between you and a Social Media scientist to understand your expectations towards Social Media

Participate online in a live debate between a Social Media scientist and  a Thought-Leader in the Social Media space

Join a round table Citizen Think-in and share your expectations towards Social Media